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Contract signed with DNV

Goliat Oil Rig av T3n60

Contract signed with DNV

Sigma Inspection has signed a contract with DNV for supply of personnel and equipment to Vår Energi. The contract encompasses all fields where Vår Energi is the operator. This being Goliat, Balder, Ringhorne and Balder X.

The award is a result of the long-lasting successful cooperation between DNV and Sigma Inspection. The contract represents an increase of today’s volume, as it includes Vår Energi fields in the southern part of the Norwegian continental shelf.

The contract duration is 3 years, with optional periods of 3 years. Start-up date is 1st of September 2021.

Sigma Inspection is very pleased to be awarded the work, as it strengthens our foothold offshore and brings extra volume, which is in line with the company’s growth strategy.